Heartworm Testing

Heartworm testing is a critical component of preventive pet healthcare, especially in regions where mosquitoes thrive. This routine diagnostic procedure involves detecting the presence of heartworm larvae in a pet's bloodstream. Early detection is crucial, as heartworm disease can be life-threatening if left untreated. Regular testing allows for timely intervention, preventing heartworms from maturing into adults that can cause severe damage to a pet's heart and lungs. By undergoing heartworm testing, you're ensuring your pet's well-being and taking proactive steps to address any potential infections. This not only protects your furry companion but also promotes responsible pet ownership and contributes to overall animal health.

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“I had an emergency with Buddy. It looked like he had gotten bite by an animal. He was off that day and when the office girl called him he came into the office and took care of my dog. It was a gland issue. He is great and so is his help!”

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Amazing people…Highly recommend”

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